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Full day and Around Trips up to 15 Days!


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    Sunshine Tours is one of the leading tour brands based in Muscat, Oman. Our team is built strong with Omani and European staff alike who know local tourism like no other. Our guides are fluent in several languages and aware of the common needs of tourists and what they are looking for. We here at Sunshine Tours are constantly looking for new activities, routes, and adventures to take our tours through to make this the most unique and exciting visit yet.


The Team

    Our founder, Mohammed, has been an Omani tour guide since 2005. For the past 10 years he has taken all kinds of people through the breathtaking sights of Oman. The guides of Sunshine Tours have an extreme passion for the land they call home and want to share the glory with the world. It's this passion that drives the tour, making sure not to miss a beat. Our founder Mohammed has worked with various tour companies including the well know LifeTime Tours Oman. With all this experience, Mohammed has gained extensive knowledge on the culture and history of Oman. Through the various wadis, tallest mountains, and extensive lands of the Omani desert, Mohammed and his team have seen and done it all. With all this knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that Sunshine Tours is taking you on the best tour possible. Book your tour today, and meet the team for an unforgettable adventure.


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Full day and Around Trips up to 15 Days!

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