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"Al Raihan" Overnight Tour

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Duration: 2 days




- Accomodation


- Breakfast/Dinner 


- English Guide


- Beverages


- Entrance Fees

   Muscat -- Birkat Al Mouz -- Nizwa Market -- Nizwa Fort -- Al Hamra -- Misfat Al Abryeen -- Jebel Shams -- Bahla Fort -- Jabrin Fort




    First thing in the morning we depart Muscat and make our way to Nizwa. On the way we will be stopping at a fantastic photo stop in Fanja where we can take pictures and make memories. Fanja is known as the gateway of Al Dakhiliyah region since it's the first city from Muscat. As many people say, it is the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Wilayat of Bid Bid in Al Dakhiliyah region. After, we will continue our way to the old village of Birkat Al Mouz. This village runs up the side of a small mountain that is home to it's own oasis containing gorgeous plantations of banana trees and various data palms. You can see the one of a kind irrigation system in Oman known as Aini, Dawoodi, and Ghaily.


    After, we will move on to the city of Nizwa. The old capital of Oman, Nizwa is the home of the famous souk markets. We will stop here for a chance to browse and purchase various souveniers such as Omani silver crafts and other handmade items. Nearby, we will pay a visit to the Nizwa fort. This fortress was built by Sulta Bin Saif Al Ya'rubi and remains to be the biggest fort in Oman. After, we will visit the old village Al Hamra, a 400 year old town in north eastern Oman. Al Hamra is home to the mountain village of Misfat Al Abryeen. Al Hamra is also know as 'Hamra Al Abryeen' which is a reference to the Al Abri tribe who live there. This is where some of the oldest preserved houses in Oman can be found.


    Later, we will make our way to Jebel Shams Resort where we will partake in a traditional dinner and rest for the night.




    We wake up to breakfast in the Jebel Shams resort and soon depart to the biggest, most famous canyon in Sultante of Oman -- Jebel Shams. Just the canyon itself is so remarkable, you can easily lose yourself in wonder. There is so much to see as you walk through. We will then drive down the mountains for approximately 25 km where we will visit Bahla Fort. This fortress is listed by the UNESCO as one of the oldest piece of heritage in the world. We will also pay a visit to Jabrin Fort. Originally designed as a residential property in 1670 by Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya'rubi. Jabrin Fort dates back to 1670 and it was designed and built under the supervision of Imam Bil'arab Bin Sultan. In the late end of the afternoon, we will make our way back to Muscat.


320 O.R  /  $830 USD   (2 people)

370 O.R  /  $960 USD   (4 people)

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