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Nizwa Day Tour

135 O.R  /  $350 USD


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Duration: Full Day




- Driver


- 4x4 car & fuel


- Beverages

    We depart to Nizwa, the old capital of Oman. We pay a visit to the famous Nizwa Fortress. Today, the for is a museum that showcases the history of the fort and surrounding area. Walking through the fortress you get to see amazing views of the ancient town and the nearby mountains. This impressive fortress was a base used in the military to hold off the hardest attacks and seiges.

Next to the fortress is the large Nizwa Souq, a local marketplace that offers a variety of goods including jewllery, pottery, fish, and meats. The list goes on!


    After, we take off to Al Hamra to visit the village where we get to experience how the locals create a lifestyle in the older times. After this quick tour, we move on to Misfath al Abreen, a truly pristine village that nestles at the base of Jebel Shams. Here you will get to see the large Falaj water system that supplies water to the nearby vegetation. There are numerous marked footpaths throughout the village that is recommended to take your time and explore. Late afternoon, we head back to Muscat, Oman.



4 people